We are dedicated to helping individuals find and follow the inspiration within themselves to pursue their life’s greatest ambitions unfettered and uninhibited; especially those who feel that their vision is uncomfortably hazy, their passion for life is rather lackluster, or who feel depleted and defeated.

We draw on processes, practices, conversations, and maps to deepen the path to self-discovery for our clients.  More specifically, we integrate the Enneagram of Process and Fixation, mindfulness techniques, and breath-work to empower our clients to know themselves with kindness, and to use that loving self-knowledge to write and embody their greatest personal story with conscious awareness and excitement. We trust that each individual’s journey creates the opportunity to bring forth more artisans of cultural change, working toward a healthier world.

We call the process of knowing our true nature and living out the most honest expression of that nature Invenire: to find. The journey is long and rife with difficulties, but we invite you to join us on the path to uncovering your truth and your calling through our counseling and consulting services, podcasts, and workshops.

Many of our clients have an interest in beginning something new; in removing the final foothold of doubt, past pain, or judgement to becoming a generative presence in the world. Some have been deeply injured by their religious upbringing and are seeking relief from the bondage of this past programming and a renewal of their faith life. Common phrases we hear from them and others are…

Something really big is missing in my life, but I don’t know what it is

I don’t feel free

I just can’t seem to get over my past even though I’ve tried

The God I grew up with isn’t working for me now

I feel like everything is meaningless

I don’t know how to be a part of society now that I’m not following societal norms anymore

I feel like I’ve lost my true self; I don’t even know if it exists anymore

I don’t feel like I “fit in” with my surroundings; I stick out and I’m not “normal”

I’ve tried religion, yoga, spirituality, and I still feel like there’s something missing

I’m ready to unlearn a few things

I’m exhausted with my own failed attempts to better myself

I’m ready to do some hard work if it will mean a change

I want to leave this world better than when I found it and I want to be a source of positive change

Therapy and self-help attempts just aren’t cutting it for me

I wonder if real change is possible

Social roles don’t make sense to me anymore

I want to become the best version of myself

I have felt wounded by religious dogma, doctrine and compulsions

I’m uncomfortable with my body…I don’t feel connected to it

I’m unhappy with my partner/relationship/marriage

Some mystery is working on me

I’m not sure who I am anymore

At Invenire, we believe that feelings of imbalance or deep pain are rooted in the discord that happens unconsciously when the ego self (the self your life’s experiences have trained and conditioned you to be) and your true nature that is always in connection with the creative vital life force. We address all of the specific concerns that a traditional therapist would, but with a more intensive and holistic approach to equip you to navigate the deeper territories within yourself and live a more satisfying and invigorating life.

Wherever You Are On Your Journey, There is Space for You Here.