We’re committed to helping people uncover the largest story they can live, especially those who have a sense that their life is not working anymore.

We emphasize processes, practices, conversations and maps that deepen the discovery of one’s path, trusting this ongoing work will bring forth more artisans of cultural change, working toward a healthier world.

The process of growing up, discovering our soul, finding the largest story we can live, or living from our true self we call Invenire, which means To Find.  All of our offerings are meant to to serve this sacred discovery.

We invite you further in the risky adventure of uncovering your path and calling, helping you turn toward this perilous and precious journey.

The people we tend to work with are committed to beginning something new, are open to unlearning a few things and desire to become a generative presence in the world.  We meet people wherever they are in their unfolding story.  They say things like...

Something really big is missing but I don't know what it is

I'd like to be free

I want to learn how to love and be loved

I can't seem to get over my past and I've tried 

The God I grew up with isn't working for me now.

I wonder if there is a real self, or a true self, that I've lost contact with

I've been left out and don't seem to fit into what passes as normal

I've tried religion, yoga, spirituality and I still have a sense that there's more

I'm willing to do some hard work to look at my own stuff

I want a better world for the next generation and I want to be the change I'm seeking

Therapy alone or self-help isn't  enough and I'm seeking something else

I wonder if real change is possible 

Social roles no longer make sense

I want to grow up and live the biggest story I can 

Some mystery is working on me

I'm not sure who I am anymore