What is the Purpose of a Guide?

We are all on a journey, and while various coping mechanisms can scooch us on through a challenge here or there, what is needed is a thorough understanding of our own blocks and barriers. By addressing these core inhibitors to growth, we can experience a return to our truest nature and live a more fulfilling life. 

Invenire offers experienced and credentialled guides to help you find your way on The Way.

A guide:

  • Attends to, accompanies, and is a companion to one (or more) individuals through uncharted territory

  • Is an intercessor and exemplar for generative personal movement

  • Provides practical and assuring support for the traveler through various demands and challenges along the way

    A Guide will also:

  • Meet you wherever you are on your life’s journey

  • Help you understand and demystify the process into which you are entering

  • Educate you on the unfamiliar landscape through which you will be moving

  • Bring esoteric concepts into the realm of ordinary understanding

  • Provide catalyst energy for generative movement

  • Help you see the initiatory experiences that you are facing or the thresholds you need to cross and then offer deft guidance and inspiration for the effective passage of these challenges

  • Assist you in finding and living from your core essence, discovering your unique gifts and embodying them in daily life


Mark Walstrom

“Life is a profound gift, you are a unique expression of that gift and when you share your gift it makes a difference in the world! I will meet you wherever you are in your life’s journey to help you discover and live the very unique gift that is only yours to give.” 

Mark’s unique gift is being a deft companion guide for those who desire to awaken to their truest nature and become clear channels of life-force. He intimately knows the landscape of this journey and wisely guides others through the various internal blocks and barriers that create struggle and suffering (anxiety, depression, marital and relationship conflicts) and into a life of generative, purposeful and heart-centered experiences for their own well-being and in service to others.

Credentials and education:

graduate degree in Counseling Psychology (1992)

post-graduate degree in Holistic Health Studies

5-Year doctorate level Spiritual Formation program completed

Rigorous training with demanding and wise mentors (lifetime)


  Nicholas Melville

Credentials & Education – M.A., Philosophy, M.A., Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Counseling

“I am no one, doing nothing, going nowhere. I am home. You can be too.”

Nick practices contemplative psychotherapy; this involves modern psychotherapeutic interventions, philosophy, meditation, contemplative movement (internal Ba Gua), as well as phenomenological mindfulness to interrupt the programming of an ego-centric experience to one that is awakened and aware; to be in the world and not of it. Nick specializes in helping his clients find within themselves the truths that make them most uncomfortable, and to see their pain objectively so as not to allow it to control their behavior; allowing for a more spontaneous and free expression of self.