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I am committed to honoring and deepening our innate human wholeness and to helping hunt for what really matters, our ultimate place in the world.  The path of recovering our wholeness is both healing and challenging. And I believe that our ordinary lives and the natural world itself are partners in this recovery.  Learning to pay attention to the ordinary and to cultivate a deeper relationship with creation is part of the work I'm committed to.  I also believe in every human being's unique place in the world, our souls, the face we had before we were born, or our ultimate place.  This is not something which anyone can point out or reveal, nor does it fit on a resume.  It has to discovered, or stumbled upon, or fallen into.  I'm committing to helping others take seriously their own discovery, or stumbling, or falling.  And to the process of bringing the gifts of who we are in service to the world.  My one-on-one sessions and workshops are meant to serve this two-fold path.  


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