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Dear reader,

These are challenging times we live in. Life is not working well for many people…maybe this is your current reality. On an individual level, many adults and children are struggling with depression, anxiety and despair. On a larger scale, families, institutions and the planet are suffering. There’s a leadership crisis. And even the best intentions and actions of concerned citizen groups and social activism are not enough. So, a fundamental shift is needed to bring us out of this mess and move us collectively in a new direction.

How can this shift happen?

It can only happen when you, me and other individuals are willing to be the change we wish to see in the world. Before a societal shift can happen, there needs to be a significant shift at the individual level…individual and societal well being are inter-dependent. We need to wake up and come back to the creativity, power and resiliency of the human spirit. You can be a part of the necessary movement regardless of your age, sexual orientation, race, religious or non-religious preference.

What can I do now?

Start (or continue) here. There is a vitality, an inextinguishable creative life-force in the universe, described by various names (God, chi, soul, essence...), that is accessible to all who desire to experience and express it directly. You are a distinct being by nature and the vital life-force can manifest through you into the world in a unique manner. When it runs up against internal blocks and barriers such as poor coping mechanisms and social conditioning, it is diminished or depleted, leaving you feeling incomplete and blighted. However, when you allow yourself to become a channel for this creative energy, it unfolds naturally and is a generative force in the world. You can then live your life invigorated, free, and with a sense of purpose. As your companion guide, I will help you identify the roadblocks that are preventing you from experiencing and embodying the vital creative energy within you. I am devoted to helping you discover a way of living that is simple, original, and aligned with a core purpose. In working with others, I use a few tried and true methodologies and tools to help my clients experience deep, lasting positive change:

  1. The Enneagram of Process and Fixation, as taught in the tradition from which it originated

  2. Mindfulness, in its fullest expression and application

  3. Dialogue, as a means of being present for self and others

I've always seen the bigger picture, the greater potential and the unlimited possibilities of humanity. I genuinely like everybody I work with and take a personal interest in each person’s personal journey of awakening. I’m deeply committed not only to alleviating symptoms of depression, anxiety, dissatisfaction, or disinterest, but to journeying with my clients (individuals or couples) to the source of these symptoms and navigating to sustainable positive movement so that they can plug back into their lives with passion, creativity, and joy.

Some of you will come to this process to alleviate your pain and suffering…others will come because you know there is more to life than what traditional therapy or personal growth can bring you to, and yet others will come to enter into a personal calling that you can no longer ignore. Whatever your motivation or inspiration, come. Now is the time…for your own well being and the well being of society. Living from your true nature will align your life with the greater web of life and its natural order. I will help you remember who you are and what you have to offer the world as your gift. There is nothing like you, there never has been anything like you and there never will be anything like you. Let it rise and shine.

Invenire means To Find. I will meet you wherever you are in your journey to help you discover and live the very unique gift that is only yours to give.

I invite you to contact me to schedule an initial meeting to discuss how you can start, or continue, the process of awakening to the greater adventure of your life.

Let’s begin!




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