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There is a vitality, an inextinguishable life-force in the universe, described by various names, that is accessible to all who desire to experience and express it directly. Because we are distinct beings by nature,  this vital life-force can manifest in a unique manner into the world as it moves through each of us. If there are internal blocks and barriers, it will never exist and be lost forever. We'll go through life feeling incomplete,  empty, a longing for more. However, if  we're an open channel and allow this creative inspiration to flow through us unimpeded, it unfolds naturally and is a generative force in the world. We then live our life invigorated, free and with a sense of purpose. 

I’m a psychotherapist by training but my work with others has evolved over the past 25 years beyond traditional therapy to being a companion guide for those who wish to become an open and clear channel for this life-giving force.  As a guide, I utilize a few tried and true methodologies and tools that help people experience deep, lasting positive change...the Enneagram of Process, as taught in the tradition from which it originated; Mindfulness, in its fullest expression and application; and Dialogue, a way of being present for self and others that goes beyond communication skills. I'll help you identify the blocks and barriers that keep you from experiencing and embodying this vital, creative energy. Your life will be a force in the world that brings about positive change. You'll make the world a better place. It's an initiation into a way of living that is simple, original, alive and aligned with the core purpose of the world religions and wisdom traditions.  It's impossible to describe this way of living in can only be experienced directly.

Invenire means To Find. I’ll meet you where you're at in life and help you discover and live the very unique gift that is only yours to give.

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