The Body Knows By Mark Walstrom

Would you like to know what's really going on in your life? Check with your body, it will tell you everything you've ever wanted to know and what you don't want to know as well. There is a profound wisdom in the body. It doesn't lie.

Not getting enough sleep? The body knows.
Suppressing your emotions? The body knows.
Eating fast food or substitutes for real food too often? The body knows.
Relationships not working? The body knows.
Not getting out in nature much or at all? The body knows.
Trying to be somebody you're not? The body knows.
Lack of exercise or physical activity? The body knows.
Maladaptive coping strategies taking over? The body knows.
Living in fear and insecurity? The body knows.
Out of touch with reality? The body knows.

And, the contrary is true as well...the body knows when we are experiencing an ease of living, connecting with others, taking care of our selves, feeling a part of the web, being present in the moment.

Put simply...the body is a direct mirror for what is actually happening at the deeper, more subtle levels of our life...if we are tuned in.

Typically, our body is the first thing we lose contact with when we shut down and slip into conditioned living. We know longer have access to the felt sense. Waking up, then, is not possible until we reconnect to our body...especially the breath.

Try this simple exercise...sit quietly for a few minutes, close your eyes and do a thorough body scan slowly and mindfully, when you encounter a sensation of pain or discomfort ask your body what it is trying to communicate and then wait patiently until some clarity comes into awareness.

Questions to consider:

How connected are you to your body?

What kind of feedback has your body been giving you lately? Did you follow its wisdom?

Hey...waking up can be fun! Here's a music selection that will connect you to your body.