Warped Reality By Mark Walstrom

"America is getting angrier and more afraid every day". 
Vietnamese monk Thich Nhat Hanh

It's 1944. You're an American G.I. on the Pacific island of Peleliu with a Japanese tank creeping your way. You aim your bazooka and pull the trigger, sending the tank flying in a cloud of fire and molten steel. Somebody yells, "One down, keep it up!" You run toward the burning wreck and see a Japanese soldier, whose legs have been blown off, writhing in agony. You pull out your machine gun, point it at his face, and fire.

This execution of a wounded soldier is one of hundreds of savage scenes in the video game Call of Duty, which has sold more than 250 MILLION copies since its introduction in 2003. The game's violence is hardly unusual in this MULTIBILLION-dollar industry. Now imagine such scenes rendered in virtual reality, you could literally crane your neck down to see the Japanese soldier begging for mercy at your feet and, when you fire, watch his blood splatter up on you. After years of anticipation, a host of "immersive reality" consumer devices are being rolled out. (from Andrew Rosenblum, Psychology Today, October 2016).

What is the effect of the above referenced article in your body? Your psyche? Your soul? Did you have any thoughts like "Wow, that's intense--who would play that kind of game? Glad I'm not like that!"

Being human with a well developed persona, we are all under the influence of a warped reality more moments of our life than not. Maybe not manifesting in the same intensity as the game scene in the above article--but probably so at times. Its not surprising that 250 million people spend their money on escapist games--living removed from our truest nature is a painful existence and we're looking for an out from the pain. And, life can be challenging--why not check out?

How do you try to escape your pain?

Where do you live in virtual (simulated, artificial, make believe) reality in your life rather than actual reality?

How are you waking up from the trance?

What are we waiting for?