Everybody Is Doing Time. Nobody Is Living With Any Real Power. We All Need To Come Out By Mark Walstrom

For many people, auto-pilot living is the norm. The days are consumed with just trying to keep up with real and imagined tasks. This way of living sucks the life out of us...exhausting our bodies, minds and resources. We feel stuck, trapped and confined. It is our personal prison.

Live long enough in auto-pilot mode and any sense of enjoyment or true freedom is diminished. We feel dis-empowered and will seek to regain what has been lost through ego-centric or ethno-centric behaviors and mal-adaptive coping strategies. Where there appears to be divisions among us, in reality, what is often happening at an unconscious level is that we're trying to gain a sense of power back but slip into fear-based control behaviors instead. Rather than reflect on our lives and admit we've lost connection to our own true nature and each other, we align ourselves with an ideology or group that gives us the perception of belonging and power.  The core wound is the same, the manifestations are varied.

Coming back into our true power requires a coming out process. Just as LGBT+ individuals have had to courageously come out, all of us can do the same. Coming out is the simple, honest act of living in congruence with one's truest nature...even if doing so triggers hostile responses and reactions from others. Its about dropping the persona mask, moving beyond auto-pilot living, being real and living as clear and open channels for the creative life force energy to move through us into the world.