Losing Our Way By Mark Walstrom

While modern advancements have brought some progress in the way we live, for the most part, they have created an illusion of comfort and security and taken us further away from living as part of the natural web of life. 

The Moken people of Malaysia are an example of an indigenous people whose traditional way of life has been diminished and is now threatened with extinction through globalization and money driven exploitation. For many years, Mokens and other indigenous Asian tribes, have existed in a harmonious relationship with each other, the sea and the natural world. They pride themselves on self-reliance, family and community but now many struggle daily to survive. The Moken people and their way of life is a reminder of what it is to live in a flow state with natural laws. 

The grind of daily living in our society has many of us living on auto-pilot mode...out of touch with ourselves, each other and the web of life. The following documentary film can help us re-imagine a way of living that is more grounded, connected and balanced.