Paring Down To What Matters By Mark Walstrom

What if the highest form of living, both on the human and spiritual level, is nothing more (or less) than having a vulnerable, transparent, and personal experience with yourself, others, the Source of life, and whatever is happening in each moment without thoughts or commentary on it? Would you still need your therapist? Would you still need your meditation, yoga, or prayer practice? Would you still need your religion? Would you still need to keep your fixed idea of who or what God is? Would you still need to seek salvation, enlightenment, or Atman?

What if all of your thoughts, practices, and seeking are actually distractions from what is real, possible, and sacred? Isn't that one of the primary teachings of Lao Tzu, the Buddha, and Jesus? There is a saying---"You can't get any closer to God than you already are. Why are you trying so hard"?

Perhaps a new revolution is become clear and open channels for vital life force energy to move through us into the world in a unique manner that is possible only through each of us. To live and love in each moment...nothing more, nothing less.

A reflection by Stephen Mitchell:

"The more we move beyond our ideas about life and death, the more open we are to life. This radical ignorance is not a path to wisdom: it is wisdom itself". From The Second Book of the Tao