Episode 5: Change

Jean Reed-Bahle and Mark Walstrom discuss the process of change.  Change often brings up fear--but how much energy do we waste being frozen and stuck in our fear?  How can we begin to move past our 'stuckness' into a new and inviting mystery?  What can the creative methodologies of acting teach us about being more fully present in our bodies?  

Episode 5 is about breaking the habits of resistance so we can move into a natural flow state,  emerge into our true, most authentic nature of wholeness.

Source: https://www.inveniregr.com/podcast

Episode 4: Longing

Jean Reed-Bahle and Mark Walstrom discuss longing.  For some of us, longing is something we have been taught to avoid or stifle.  Longing is to be distrusted or labeled selfish. It is associated with surface level wants and desires.  But what if one can go deeper into longing?  What if longing actually points us toward our True Selves?  How can one know the difference between surface level wants and desires and those that point us toward transformation and expansion?

Episode Four is about how we find and honor the longing inside us--understanding that it is the tuning fork for how to make our way back to our True Nature.

Episode 3: The Original Wound

Mark Walstrom and Nicholas Melville discuss The Original Wound. For many of us, the Original Wound is a narrative of not being enough, and that life is not safe. This wound ‘story’ leads to an internalizing of a defective sense of self. These inner scripts are powerful and lead to maladaptive coping strategies. 

Episode Three is about how to break free of the Original Wound.

Episode 2: What is Waking Up?

In our second episode, Mark Walstrom and Nicholas Melville hold a conversation around the idea of Waking Up and how it is different from Self-Help or Personal Growth. Why would one want to enter into intentional conscious movement toward Waking Up? What happens when the content of life doesn't change, but our responses to it do? How does this movement coincide with our original, creative nature? What is it to live inside our truest way of being in this one ephemeral and eternal moment?