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I am passionate about helping others to see that within their wounds lies a sacred story that reveals their truest self.  Having conversations about these wounds with people we feel safe with is essential to living fully alive as a human being. I believe that we were all born whole and complete.  Somewhere along life's path this essential unity split.  From this emerged our wounds.  These divisions have many names: failure, heartbreak, emptiness, uncertainty, and loneliness.  I am passionate about helping others to discover for themselves the nature of their wounds.  I believe they are the great entry points for experiencing a unifying healing for which we all long.   

In relation to this, I offer a way of helping others to own their truest story beyond the crippling sense of shame, fear and anger.  I have noticed that people who desire to make this discovery seem to find a way to live life out of a sense of unique purpose, meaning, and living life as a whole human person.  If you are interested in developing a path toward healing and hope, I would be honored to help you move in this direction through individual sessions, group work, retreats and workshops.  

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