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Hidden Soul: An Invitation

  • What if it were possible to move from ordinary perception to extraordinary awareness?

  • What if it were possible to reclaim your own vital life-force you knew as a child?

  • What if it were possible to reconnect with your hidden self, re-awakening your true nature?


Hidden Soul: An Invitation

A series of three experiential sessions (two hours each), where through theatre exercises and facilitated dialogue, you will experience the transformative process an actor goes through as a way into authentic living and true nature.

Co-facilitators Mark Walstrom and Jean Reed-Bahle bring their experience and expertise from two different but complementary perspectives: transpersonal psychology and theatre arts. Together, they offer a process where you can become a clear and open channel to a way of living that is simple, fearless, soulful and alive.

  • Session one: We start with the breath and the body - how to listen with one’s whole self

  • Session two: We move to the mind, but take the breath and the body with us- how to deepen awareness

  • Session three: We end with a synthesis- how the breath, body and mind come alive.

Workshop is limited to 12 participants, who must attend all three sessions.

Dates: Saturdays Dec. 8, 15, 22 
Time: 10:00 AM-12:00 noon
Location: The Wellness Collective
Cost: $75


Contact Mark Walstrom at 616-222-9857 or email with questions.