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The Marriage Trap: An Introductory Workshop
7:30 PM19:30

The Marriage Trap: An Introductory Workshop

Half of marriages fail, and research shows that often the other half stays married because of kids, religious beliefs, economic reasons, or because the alternative seems worse. 

What’s going wrong?

In this 90-minute workshop psychotherapist Mark Walstrom introduces couples to the core unconscious traps in marriages and committed relationships that create ongoing disharmony. He'll explain why they are seldom — if ever — uncovered in traditional marriage therapy. He'll then explain how the generative process can move your relationship through and beyond the traps. 

You will leave not only hopeful about your relationship as a means to happiness and self expression, but also empowered to take steps toward that end.

Cost: $20/couple at

ABOUT MARK WALSTROM: Mark is a psychotherapist by training, and his work has evolved over 25 years of working with couples and individuals to go beyond traditional therapy to a deeper psychospiritual process – an integration process. 

Mark's programs are about movement – conscious and intentional movement – out of limited and unconscious habits, conditioning, and patterns and into a way of being that is more fluid, authentic, and alive.


All are welcome regardless of being in a legal or ordained marriage.

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